If you do get the required amount then at least one person

I read that. Still, it doesn change the fact that it would have taken exactly 1 of those people about 2 hours max to just run through the steps on the live game themselves and verify that it was failing. It also doesn change the fact that thousands of people had reached the red circle by the time the community manager confirmed that the devs were confident the solution wasn bugged, and many of those people had repeatedly put in requests to verify it because they weren convinced.

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uk canada goose outlet If I was to design them, I make them semi rare. Not as rare as a bear but not as common as a wolf. You harvest pelt/guts/meat and it wouldn just serve as a "craft something" animal. The objective in Salmon Run is to collect the required amount of "Golden Eggs" each wave in certain time limit, of which there are 3, without getting fully wiped. Getting fully wiped or failing to get the required amount of Golden Eggs will cause your squad to lose that session. If you do get the required amount then at least one person needs to survive until the end of the wave to have everyone respawn for the next wave.. uk canada goose outlet

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