jotemamev 7 points submitted 3 days agoEven if he did

As a side note, they actually didn find her blood in their car. The new Netflix documentary covers this pretty well (and tbh if the thing they cover the best imo, a lot of the doc is filler): the initial results suggested the possibility of a match, and the news reported it as if it was 100% a match to her, but when the final results came out (and subsequent testing has shown the same) it wasn a match to Maddie. And, as discussed by the defense lawyers, the car that allegedly had the blood in it wasn rented until a couple weeks after Maddie went missing.

canada goose coats on sale Dairy again, milk is look here made for baby cows, not us and requires calfs to be separated from mothers. Both egg and dairy industry kills calf and chicks close to birth, if they are unwanted (ie: if they are male). Then obviously they're in the conditions that farm animals have to live in, which isn't ideal even when they are "free range". canada goose coats on sale

uk canada goose This is setting a bad precedent.jotemamev 7 points submitted 3 days agoEven if he did physically impregnate 47 women who specifically wanted a child with their own husbands but the husband couldn due to low sperm or whatever, why does it matter how the children were conceived? I suppose it might be weird for OP to think or her husband penis being in 47 other vaginas. Granted I know a few people who have had over 30 sexual partners and are open about it so it is what it is.Yes biologically OP husband is the father as it is his sperm but he signed away the rights to these other people. Is OP scared that 47 other children are going to try claim inheritance or something? That isn how it works.IDatedSuccubi 89 points submitted 6 days agoIf some women just started walking around in public without covering their breasts as a bodypositive trend.Imagine how many men would view it as a sexual actImagine how many men would view those women as slutsImagine how many men would say "they wouldn get raped if."Imagine how many men would try to ask the women out or something like thatImagine how many men would try to stalk those womenImagine how many men would sub to r/nakedbreasttrend for obvious reasons just like they sub to different "nsfw reviews" subsImagine how many men would lose their minds over it ranting on YouTuberobot_pillow 51 points submitted 8 days agoi'm bi and i interpreted it as a joke bc a lot of men are super disrespectful ESPECIALLY straight ones which are the ones i usual encounter.that being said, u/pdrocker1 has a good point that the lesbian community has a history of devaluing bi women or lesbians who have previously had sex with men (gold stars etc.)so i can see when taken outside of the context of those issues, it's still a funny joke, kind of like the "sexuality isn't a choice because of the existence of straight women" type of joke.i don't think anyone is in the wrong here just a joke that touches on a contentious topic and i hope people stop downvoting either of you for it.robot_pillow 3 points submitted 8 days agoi agree that traps are a terrible term to call a trans woman, but i haven't actually seen much discussion about futanari. uk canada goose

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Canada Goose Online Idk anything about their pitching, but there a reason the NLC is projected to be a bloodbath this season. They just picked up a perennial all star 1B, adding to an already solid lineup so I won be surprised to see this team going blow for blow with Milwaukee in September.Predictions: The NLE is too stacked for the NLC to take both wild card spots so there gonna be a few dissatisfied, but energized fanbases in the NLC come October. Brewers and Cardinals advance to the postseason from the NLC and the Indians keep their grip on the ALC title.Each time Wacha and Wainwright go out I feel nervous. Canada Goose Online

buy canada goose jacket 100% agree. Of all the official books I found the DMG was the least useful for actually sitting down and DMing my first game. I think the DMing subreddits, channels like Matt Coleville and blogs like Angry GM are all so popular because the DMG only gives you a handful of pages about running a live game buy canada goose jacket.

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