8) population density, and everything in between

What are your thoughts on California

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There are a lot of really shitty places in this state, but they always hot and remote and very conservative. Bakersfield and heck, most of the inland empire.

Also, everything is expensive. I forget about it until I am visiting friends or family in other states and see the kinds of reviews habgs.ru expensive hobbies they can maintain and it doesn make sense until I realize I paying 4 times as much in rent. Where the state gets shortchanged by this is in representation in the Senate.

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If the movement to break California up into smaller states was successful, they would gain more representation in the Senate, though some of that representation would be republican.

Meanwhile, the state had a rash of conservative ideas that dominated orange birkin replica in the late 70s through the 90s, and it is still suffering from the consequences of that movement. Prop 13 and the anti tax birkin bag replica hbags movement replica hermes himalayan bag has hamstrung income in the state and it shows in the quality of its schools, infrastructure, and inability to deal with the issues of homelessness. This movement has also made it very difficult for the legislature to increase certain types of taxes, so it has to fall back on other types that it can levy. In effect, the state has been coasting on the investments made in its boom from the 60s through the 70s, but those look here benefits are wearing thin.

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cheap hermes belt In my community, parcel taxes that go toward education never fail. Ever. A couple of years go we overwhelmingly passed a new sales tax to pay for sidewalk repair. These are examples of less than ideal solutions that we have to resort to because of prop 13 and the general difficulty of getting a 2/3 majority to pass tax increases. The parcel taxes impact people who bought their homes more recently and are already paying dramatically higher property taxes. cheap hermes belt

It by far the most diverse state in the Hermes replica Evelyne country and I think that what leads to a lot of replica hermes purse its political hermes bag replica issues. When I say diverse I don just mean people and ethnicity, but that also true. California has both extremely high (San Francisco County 3,575 people per sq mi, 5 nationally) and extremely low (Alpine County 1.6 people per sq mi, Inyo County 1.8) population density, and everything in between. You got the State imp source of Jefferson and San Francisco, and both of those places have to deal within the same state political structure.

As far as gun laws go, I find them to be on the strict side for rural areas but they make sense in those high density areas. Obviously this is representative of the challenge that low/high population density poses. I don like paying for plastic bags but I respect hermes replica handbags the effort to create less waste (I still consistently forget to bring bags).

I would like gas to be cheaper and I always wonder how effective the vacuum system our gas pumps use to reduce emissions at the pump really is.

Overall I think California is probably the most difficult state in the country to govern. There are some things I like changed but I pretty happy with it overall. Outside of politics, I think it has more to offer than any state in the country bar none, whether your interests be in the outdoors or cities. Fuck Grey Davis for exacerbating it. Here here and elsewhere.

They need to fix the "lowest bidder" in public auctions so we don get contractors who are well known fraudsters building our infrastructure (wondering why HSR is so over budget? One reason is who building it. Seriously, the firm has killed multiple people and they had issues just about everywhere).

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