Even in Nicaragua there were plenty of arguments and what have

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Last month, the Khoobsurat actress was trolled for not knowing the lyrics of the National Anthem.I request my followers and fans not to hate on someone and get personal towards other celebrities. Be better than that.Please remember imitation is the best form of flattery. And it just showcases admiration.

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Personally I only dump constitution if Ive maxed out my my damage stat first (in this case strength) or I have a shield. Also tentacle lash scales on strength investing in strength will make it a great skill to use. At 5 you get access to apotheosis which is amazing but more a mid to late game skill so I'd keep poly at 3 for awhile.

This dude is literally saying that in general, white people are sheltered and don have the empathy of other people. Are we supposed to accept this as true now? While maybe born of good intentions, it a sloppy fucking indictment of all white people of all classes which is incredibly ignorant yet has 160+ votes and gold. The white self loathing complex is very real..

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